Ecotour Scotland is committed to providing an exceptional, tailored and thoughtful approach to tourism in Scotland. We wish to work with our guests to ensure they experience the best Scotland has to offer them. Our spacious guide-driven minibus is the ideal way to see Scotland, allowing you to truly unwind as you soak in the incredible landscapes and not to mention, sample the local tipple. Experience the true Scottish wilderness, off the beaten track where coaches just cant go - and relax knowing that your exclusive use booking means you can immerse yourself in your surroundings knowing that there's no hurry back to the cities during rush hour!

We offer a door to door service, we wont make you wait at a bus stop in the glorious Scottish weather. Whether you arrive at the Airport, or by Rail or Ferry we come to you. We can start the day wherever you wake up, whether thats a Glasgow Hotel, Edinburgh B&B or an Argyll Campsite!


Whatever the nature of your visit...

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We can help make it an unforgettable experience! Bring your waterproofs and boots and we can climb up into the glens or one of the many forests. We can take a photography tour and hit all the big natural landmarks from the coasts to the hills. Use your accommodation as a hub and we can spend up to a week mixing the historical landmarks of the cities and towns and their unique architecture and fusing it with the rugged natural beauty of the Highlands

Green Principles


Ecotour Scotland is committed to investing in the best practices to ensure the protection and conservation of our natural environment. Our first ever minibus was run on Bio-diesel produced in Glasgow to minimise our carbon footprint. Now we continue to search for support, and get involved with projects which have the same aims and values as we do. Due to the size of our business we have the long term goal of becoming carbon neutral. Do you have a beach clean or green project you need help with? Contact us now!

The Country Annex

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Scotland's themed years celebrate the very best of Scotland and its people. There is always a packed programme of events all over the country. This year is set to celebrate Young People. At Ecotour Scotland, we believe us Scots have reason to celebrate every one of these themes past and present every day, and invite you to join us in doing so. Whether you come to work, relax, play or find your roots - Scotland is an amazing destination... whatever the weather!